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Sentiments Candle in Tin - Thank You


Give thanks and appreciation to someone special in your life with the Thank You Sentiment Candle by Wax & Wild. 

Handmade in Wiltshire, England, this candle boasts notes of Peruvian rosewood combined with a loving concoction of green leaf, armoise, citrus and mint, which leads into floral aromas of patchouli, lavender, amber, jasmine. All joined together by a comforting ginger, vanilla, musk and sandalwood base. 

This candle is housed in a stunning tin, which has the words “Thank You” inscribed on the front and “Just a small token of my appreciation. Thank you so much xxx” on the rear. 

FEEL comforted.

BURN for approximately 30 hours. 

SMELL rosewood.

ENJOY 100% handmade product.

VEGAN friendly. 

NEVER tested on animals.

FREE FROM palm oil and GMO.

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